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Our Chromaluxe Aluminum Metal Prints produced in the USA:

  • Preserving the photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets lasting longer than all other competing products currently on the market.
  • They are durable, light and easy to clean and also highly resistant to water and high humidity.
  • Also the Metal print does not need to be framed. This makes it ideal for use in museums, galleries, hotels, public places and homes.
  • Your images will take on a beautiful wonderful luminescence and the detail and resolution of the photography is stunning and it brings a very modern touch.
  • The picture looks brilliant and impressive with incomparable details and resolution.
  • The Colors are vibrant with a breathtaking luminescence.
  • The aluminum print boasts chic elegance making it a perfect way to display photos with a contemporary art touch.
  • All our aluminum art photography is treated with a singular dye sublimation layer. The Images are infused directly onto the metal under high temperature and pressure, creating a clear, crisp, vibrant, and durable image.

Paper Prints

Our FUJIFILM prints are made with a high quality, water-resistant inkjet paper that is the perfect choice for the reproduction of photographs. The resin coated paper dries to the touch instantly, offers an outstanding color gamut and a beautiful matte finish. 

The Matte borders are made with paper-based material and this serves to help draw the eye in towards the framed piece, or towards a particular key element of the piece. This gives it the best effect and incorporates a three-dimensional aspect.

One of the most important functions is that it separates the glass from the art or document being framed; this is primarily important because any condensation that develops on the inside of the glass can be transferred to the piece if they are not separated, resulting in water damage, mold or mildew.

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